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"I have referred over a hundred patients for this type of treatment and the results have been excellent"
Dr Mike Rowlands - Consultant Psychiatrist - London

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Why use Sonic Reset Therapy® ?


It's easy, and it works!

Whether you are feeling anxious, stressed or overcoming mild, to complex PTSD, Sonic Reset Therapy® can help you to overcome your problems with a proven success rate! Begin instantly and notice your improvement!

No need to travel

No need to travel

SRT works in the familiarity and comfort of your own home. You can do this alone, and that's what makes Sonic Reset Therapy® uniquely effective. SRT guarantees 100% anonymity, and confidentiality.

Combine SRT with other therapy

Combine SRT with other therapy

Are you already on medication or seeing a therapist? SRT integrates with both as an additional source of support. In addition, SRT is far more cost effective than seeing a therapist.

Success Stories!

Please take a look at our users experiences, which will give you a first hand experience into how Sonic Reset Therapy® works, and how it can help you today!

What experts say about Sonic Reset Therapy®

Improve your mental health with SRT

There’s a wide range of issues that Sonic Reset Therapy® can help you with. All you need to do is concentrate on the sound. Sit back, relax and release the pressure.


Anxiety & Stress

Our sound therapy helps to treat anxiety & stress by reducing unhelpful brain noise. This helps with clear thinking and soothes difficult thoughts.
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Whatever the cause of depression, SRT can help. There is no need to explain to anyone, let SRT kickstart your brain.
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SRT can turbo-charge your healing. Let the power of sound reduce PTSD's debilitating effects.
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Do you need help for OCD? SRT can help reduce its effects simply and easily, to help you gain control.
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Anger Management

SRT can help you control your anger before it controls you. Leading you to a place of calm.
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£49.99 / mth
Due to the Global Pandemic, we have reduced our prices to make this therapy more widely available
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Students and Keyworkers

£29.99 / mth
Due to the Global Pandemic, we have reduced our prices to make this therapy more widely available
£5.99 / mth (Ex VAT)

Access Sonic Reset Therapy® with a Monthly Payment

  • Secure payment with PayPal and Credit/Debit card
  • Get instant access
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What is Sonic Reset Therapy® ?

Sonic Reset Therapy® is the creation of Positive Psychologist, Edward Sim. He was intrigued for many years by the crossovers in emerging Neuroscience, Biofeedback and Psychology, and the implications for Psychotherapy. He experimented with different sounds and frequencies to find the most effective amalgamation to successfully treat his own anxiety, depression and PTSD. This sound when listened through headphones can break-up difficult memories, stuck emotions and negative beliefs. It is not a sound you will have heard before and ‘is comparable to angry, buzzing bees’.

How long does SRT self-treatment take?

Sonic Reset Therapy® is a fresh, simple to use therapy that's transforming people's lives on a day to day basis. SRT is relatively new. But thousands of patients are now reporting remarkable results to therapists worldwide. The time it takes to self treat Sonic Reset Therapy changes from person to person. Clinical Experience suggests some people can be treated in a matter of weeks, where others can take a few months. It is important to stick with the sound, as everyone will feel a shift. Clinical experience in the therapy room does suggest however that for maximum effect, you should use Sonic Reset Therapy® for six months. Doing so can take yourself from minus five to plus five, soothing all unwanted thoughts and feelings and making yourself feel better after thoroughly integrating new changes into your life.

Does SRT work with addictions, PTSD, OCD, and other diagnosed disorders?

Many clients successfully use SRT alongside their treatment plans, so if you have a diagnosed disorder, it’s okay to do the same so long as you let your healthcare professional know you are working with it. Sonic Reset Therapy™ successfully provides treatment for a range of mental health conditions, try it today and see the benefits for yourself.

How do I use Sonic Reset Therapy® ?

Before you begin your first session of self-treatment, we give you step by step instructions on the simple to use process. In brief, here's what you can expect:

Sonic Reset Therapy™ is not binaural beats or random soothing music. Your memory 'codes' difficult memories and feelings in your brain, and its' because these codes play out on a loop that they remain vivid and upsetting. The frequency and regulation of the SRT sound acts as a 'Code-Breaker'.

With headphones on, you listen to your first 20 minutes. SRT first helps you to access the feelings and emotions you want to change, and then breaks it up. This simple 'Pull-Up' and 'Pull-Apart' process is what makes SRT uniquely effective.

After 20 minutes, take a short break, and repeat the process. Stay with it, and you will rapidly find that the memories or emotions are shifting, becoming processed and put away. As this happens, helpful ideas and feelings can finally start to break through.

You can do this daily, and also whenever you feel you need it, like first-aid for your brain.

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