World Mental Health Day

October 9, 2020 |

World Mental Health Day – October 10th 2020

Mental health is a problem that affects almost 13% of the world’s population according to the Telegraph. However, this world mental health day is like no other. COVID-19 has decimated the way we lived our lives, whether it be through;

  • The four month lockdown that the U.K. endured
  • The curfews that are currently still in place in our hospitality sector
  • Not being able to see family, friends or relatives
  • Limits on Weddings, Funerals and Social Gatherings

But the past few months have bought many challenges: for healthcare workers, and students standing up to fight a virus we knew nothing about and being fearful of taking COVID home to their families; for students, adapting to classes at home and little to no contact with friends; and for workers who’s livelihoods were threatened and put at risk. And that’s not to mention the economic consequences that will be felt for years to come throughout the world.

To that end, this year has been tough for every single person throughout the world (except those flouting the rules of course… shame on you!). This has had an undeniably huge impact on our mental health.

According to research from Mind, the charity for better mental health, with over 16,000 participants;

  • 60% of adults mental health deteriorated during lockdown
  • 68% of young people said the same

And this is what makes this year, vitally important. In the words of Mahatma Ghandi “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change”. That’s why we support the World Health Organisations Goal of Mental Health Day 2020 to “Increase investment in Mental Health”.

So what can we do this World Mental Health Day?

This World Mental Health Day should be about reflection, looking back over the last few months and then looking forward. We know that times may still be tough, and that you may feel there’s no way the world will be back to normal anytime soon, but the following steps can be taken to aid in the improvement of your mindset.

Set a Regular Sleeping Schedule

Having a routine around bed-time can be extremely beneficial, as well as getting the recommended amounts of sleep: for healthy adults between 7-9 hours, and children considerably more.

Physical Wellbeing

Looking after your physical wellbeing can be very impactful for your mental health.

  • Drink at least eight 8oz glasses of water per day (known as the 8×8 rule)
  • Think about your diet, and the things you’re putting into your body. This can affect your mood and overall energy levels
  • Avoid Drugs and Alcohol when in a bad state of mind, although they will provide a short term ‘high’, in the long run it’ll make you feel worse.
  • Try to get some physical activity into your routine, be that going for a run, or heading to a gym.

How can Sonic Reset Therapy help this World Mental Health Day?

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