What is Sonic Reset Therapy®?

Sonic Reset Therapy® is the creation of Positive Psychologist, Edward Sim. He was intrigued for many years by the crossovers in emerging Neuroscience, Biofeedback and Psychology, and the implications for Psychotherapy. He experimented with different sounds and frequencies to find the most effective amalgamation to successfully treat his own anxiety, depression and PTSD, through the use of headphones. Once formulated, he then integrated this therapy into his own practice in Harley Street, London, where it proved transformational for hundreds of clients, and now is available to you online.

How do I use Sonic Reset Therapy®

Before you begin your first session of self-treatment, we give you step by step instructions on the simple to use process. In brief, here's what you can expect:

- Allow yourself one hour of uninterrupted time
- Sit or lie down in a comfortable position
- During the sound, you will actively try to evoke the feelings that are causing distress through any means possible (Photographs, Social Media, Emotions, Memories etc)
- You will listen to the sound twice, for a total of 40 minutes with a break in between.

How long do I need to treat myself?

It takes roughly six months to successfully treat yourself with Sonic Reset Therapy®. Doing so can take yourself from minus five to plus five, soothing all unwanted thoughts and feelings and making yourself feel better after thoroughly integrating new changes into your life.

Does SRT work with addictions, PTSD, OCD, and other diagnosed disorders?

Many clients successfully use SRT alongside their treatment plans, so if you have a diagnosed disorder, it’s okay to do the same so long as you let your healthcare professional know you are working with it. Sonic Reset Therapy® successfully provides treatment for a range of mental health conditions, try it today and see the benefits for yourself.

Can I use Sonic Reset Therapy® with prescription medication?

Yes, SRT serves as additional therapy amongst other forms of treatment and medication to see faster results. Always use medication as prescribed and ensure SRT is right for you by clearing it with your healthcare provider first. Do not use SRT while under the influence of any other drugs or alcohol.

I don’t like the sound, what should I do?

Sonic Reset Therapy® is a mechanism that ‘disrupts the reconsolidation of problematic memory circuits within the limbic system of the brain through the use of acoustic sound stimulation’ (Lidenfeld et al, 2015). This sound when listened through headphones can break-up difficult memories, stuck emotions and negative beliefs. It is not a sound you will have heard before and ‘is comparable to angry, buzzing bees’. Some people find it instantly relaxing; many think it initially challenging, but everyone feels a shift. The sound may feel uncomfortable at first but as you stay with it and experience the desensitisation of your troublesome feelings - it will feel actively soothing and you should feel better following the period of treatment.

How does Sonic Reset Therapy® work?

You can log into your account on any WiFi-connected device: smartphone, computer or tablet. You will also need headphones or earphones of any type to listen to the reset tone. Once logged in, read the short instructions, put on your headphones and start your session.

How long do sessions last?

Each session lasts 20 minutes. We recommend that for the best results, you'll complete this treatment twice, with a five minute break in between, for a collective 45 minutes. Normally, you will do this once a day, but for an accelerated change, you can treat yourself twice a day. The purpose of SRT is not just to get you from minus five to zero, but move you up to plus five and beyond.