What is Sonic Reset Therapy?

SRT uses the latest research in sound to produce a carefully calibrated tone that activates negative neural networks within your brain. Once your mind is in the right state for therapy, a reset tone sound then overlays the audio which helps reduce the strength of problematic memories, feelings and states of mind. With consistent treatment, this can successfully solve a range of mental health conditions and improve your quality of life.

How long do I need to treat myself?

It takes roughly six months to successfully treat yourself with Sonic Reset Therapy. Doing so can take yourself from minus five to plus five, soothing all unwanted thoughts and feelings and making yourself feel better after thoroughly integrating new changes into your life.

Does SRT work with addictions, PTSD, OCD, and other diagnosed disorders?

Many clients successfully use SRT alongside their treatment plans, so if you have a diagnosed disorder, it’s okay to do the same so long as you let your healthcare professional know you are working with it. Sonic Reset Therapy successfully provides treatment for a range of mental health conditions, try it today and see the benefits for yourself.

Can I use Sonic Reset Therapy with prescription medication?

Yes, SRT serves as additional therapy amongst other forms of treatment and medication to see faster results. Always use medication as prescribed and ensure SRT is right for you by clearing it with your healthcare provider first. Do not use SRT while under the influence of any other drugs or alcohol.

I don’t like the sound, what should I do?

The sound may feel uncomfortable at first but as you stay with it and experience the desensitisation of your troublesome feelings - it will feel actively soothing and you should feel better following the period of treatment.

How was Sonic Reset Therapy created?

After working in Neuro Remodulisation for twenty years, the therapy methods I use have been refined to treat my clients faster than ever. It was my wish to make this treatment accessible to those who can’t access the clinic or afford clinic prices, and that’s why SRT is now published online.

How does Sonic Reset Therapy work?

You can log into your account on any WiFi-connected device: smartphone, computer or tablet. You will also need headphones or earphones of any type to listen to the reset tone. Once logged in, read the short instructions, put on your headphones and start your session.

How long do sessions last?

Each session lasts 45 minutes. Normally, you will do this once a day, but for an accelerated change, you can treat yourself twice a day. The purpose of SRT is not just to get you from minus five to zero, but move you up to plus five and beyond.

How long does it take to see results from SRT?

It takes SRT around six months to get you there. By the end of this time, you’ll not only have diminished the problem issues that brought you here, but you’ll have smoothed all your other unwanted thoughts and feelings and integrated these new changes into your new life.

How much can Sonic Reset Therapy help me?

Congratulations on wanting to be the best version of yourself. You’ll be pleased to know that if you stick with SRT beyond wanting to beat that one thing that’s bugging you, you’ll discover lots of other hidden treasures within yourself. When you feel ready to build up your life in a way that really works for you, I recommend you use SRT for 20 minutes, pause for 10 minutes, and then use the Positive Emotion Builder files to dream in your ideal life. It won’t be long before your external world starts to reflect this, and you’ll want to keep SRT forever.