What is Sonic Reset Therapy, and how can it help you?

Sonic Reset Therapy® is the creation of Positive Psychologist, Edward Sim. He was intrigued for many years by the crossovers in emerging Neuroscience, Biofeedback and Psychology, and the implications for Psychotherapy. He experimented with different sounds and frequencies to find the most effective amalgamation to successfully treat his own anxiety, depression and PTSD. Once formulated, he then integrated this therapy into his own practice in Harley Street, London, where it proved transformational for hundreds of clients.

Sonic Reset Therapy® is a mechanism that ‘disrupts the reconsolidation of problematic memory circuits within the limbic system of the brain through the use of acoustic sound stimulation’ (Lidenfeld et al, 2015). This sound when listened through headphones can break-up difficult memories, stuck emotions and negative beliefs. It is not a sound you will have heard before and ‘is comparable to angry, buzzing bees’.  Some people find it instantly relaxing; many think it initially challenging, but everyone feels a shift.

Research confirms that ‘trauma creates potentiated neural circuits in the amygdala, in the limbic system of the brain, thus’ creating a frozen state; be it with anxiety, PTSD or indeed any mental condition’ (Lidenfeld et al, 2015). The job of Sonic Reset Therapy® is to re-establish the plasticity of the brain, allowing it to unlock the frozen state through the use of Acoustical Remodulation which affects the limbal system directly, and specifically the amygdala and hippocampal regions of the brain (Kumar et al, 2012)

As a means of an analogy, think of a Rubik’s Cube. It is beautifully designed and pretty robust. But some life events begin to make it twist, and others twist again, leading to this “Frozen state”. Reordering the puzzle is a mechanical action, and this is what the sound frequencies of Sonic Reset Therapy® are actually designed to do.

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How to use Sonic Reset Therapy®

Target your difficulties


- Allow yourself one hour of uninterrupted time.

- Make sure you have a pair of headphones, or earphones

- Sit, or lie down in a comfortable position

- Try to evoke the emotions that are causing your distress, and think of these as a 'Target'. You should use anything you can to bring you thoughts to the target, being memories, photographs, social media etc. The more vivid the target, the better

Begin your first session

Begin your session

- Press play on your audio file. The sound could be likened to 'Angry Buzzing Bees', and some people will not like the sound. It's important that you stick with it, as clinical experience suggests that you will become accustomed.

- For the first thirty seconds of the sound, spend this time adjusting the sound to your preference. Once this time has elapsed, over the next twenty minutes focus very vividly on the target. Your uncomfortable feelings will come and go over this period.

Repeat, after a break

Repeat, after a break

- After you have relaxed for a few minutes, repeat another 20-minute SRT session. Revisit the 'target' thoughts, feelings or memories you began with.

- Pickup where you left off. Revisit those thoughts, feelings and memories. You will notice that what began and vivid and troublesome memories are well on their way to feeling completely different.

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