What Anxiety Feels Like, and Five Steps to Quickly Notice It!

October 2, 2020 |

Anxiety. We have all been there. It’s a Saturday night and you’re indoors, alone and thinking about a lot of different things; ‘what I’m going to eat tomorrow for dinner’, ‘what should I wear to my date on Tuesday’ and ‘I wonder whether I could find a way to watch the office US on Netflix without a U.S IP address’ (which is when a VPN comes in very handy, thank me later!).

These are pretty normal things to think about, however there comes a time when more serious thoughts enter the mind in the realms of; Money, Health, Fitness… which can have a detrimental impact to your mental wellbeing, dependant on the severity of your situation. And those thoughts are what will inevitably lead to the picture above, head in hands fraught with worry! Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Anxiety related Statistics

According to Mind, the U.K’s leading charity, at any given week in England:

To that end, roughly 5% of the U.K. population are currently living with some type of anxiety condition. And at Sonic Reset Therapy®, we believe that is 5% too many. However, although we know 5% of people have anxiety, that’s only a drop in the ocean in comparison to those untreated.

Types of Anxiety

There are a few types of Anxiety that every single man, woman or child can experience at any point in their life:

  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) : A person will feel anxious on mostly every day of the week, worrying about lots of little, or major issues that are impacting them for long period of time… usually more than six months. It’s important to note at this point that GAD is the most common form of anxiety that people will experience.
  • Social Anxiety: This type of anxiety arises when an overwhelming fear of being embarrassed, or humiliated in public. This can occur in everyday situations also, with the most common causes being; public speaking, attempting to be assertive at work, or even eating in public.
  • Specific Phobia’s: These phobia’s aren’t generalised like the two above, however they are against a very specific thing. Some prime examples of this are; Agoraphobia (The fear of being in situations whereby escape could be difficult, or being in enclosed spaces); Arachnophobia (Having an irrational fear of Spiders) or Acrophobia (The fear of heights).
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: or more commonly known as OCD is a type of anxiety whereby intrusive thoughts enter the mind. Although they may perceive these thoughts as silly, they attempt to alleviate them by performing certain rituals that help them cope. As an example, someone who is afraid of germs, or getting sick may have a ritual of washing the hands more than necessary.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can be debilitating to say the least, and usually triggers following certain life events such as (War, Near Death Experiences or certain disasters).

Personal Story with Anxiety

I was the same. In 2019 I was silently suffering from generalised anxiety disorder, untreated and undiagnosed. I was someone who thought it was part of my personality to worry… money, health, work and life. I thought it was normal to be as concerned as I was but that was far from the case. I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder, and given tablets to help alleviate the pressures of day to day life. However, these tablets had done nothing for me, and to this day i’m still going about day to day life with this condition.

For some people, there will be no symptoms of anxiety, and they’ll live day to day life as normal, however for the majority of people, signs of anxiety will manifest, and below… I will describe the types of signs that I personally experienced which led to my personal diagnosis.

Personal Symptoms

  • Itching: During a high-intense situation, or something that I couldn’t handle, or something that I hadn’t prepared for my whole body would start to itch, uncontrollably. And of course, my mum’s old saying “When you scratch an itch, you’ll make it worse” obviously rung true.
  • Extreme Agitation: When someone experiences a bout of anxiety, the sympathetic nervous systems get’s triggered and sets off a cascade of events. While experiencing heightened anxiety, one may experience a racing pulse, sweaty palms or a dry mouth.
  • Restlessness: Restlessness may be a unique symptom of mine but whenever I am on a high intense phone call, I always feel the need to walk and talk, rather than stay still and according to Healthline, it would seem i’m not alone.

There are many more, but those are the specific symptoms I had. If you want to read up on more of these, i’ll leave a link to health-line where the 11 most common anxiety symptoms are very nicely laid out.

So… by this point in the article, you’ll have hopefully figured out whether you have anxiety, or not. If not, feel free to move on with your life… (it sounds great!!). For those who may have realised they have an anxiety disorder, below i’m going to list some more high-level indicators of anxiety, as well as some coping mechanisms to help you out, because hey! I’m in the same boat as you

A Sense of Doom

Someone experiencing anxiety will have a never ending, impending sense of doom, which can lead to difficulty in concentration which can be detrimental whether at home, or in the workplace. According to Britsafe, ‘15.4 million days at work are lost every year due to work-related stress’. This is particularly damning, because being away from work lessens productivity, and therefore your opportunities at work.


Chronic Anxiety can increase a person’s risk of depression. MentalHealth.Org reported that up to 19.7% of people in the U.K. reported having depression. Symptoms can include Social Withdrawal, as well as not partaking in activities that you love, as well as feelings of hopelessness.

Panic Attacks

Anxiety unsurprisingly is the #1 cause of a Panic Attack, and usually happens when you let your feelings or emotions during a bout of anxiety take control of you. This can lead to; Heart Palpitations and Lightheadedness. Another symptom (which with winter around the corner could be seen as a positive, or a negative is feeling a lot warmer than usual as the blood races around your body…. brrrrrrrr)

Pounding Heart

Human Heart

Although heart palpitations occur during a panic attack, they also happen with anxiety more generally and when a bout of anxiety occurs, you will more than likely notice your heart increase in pace, and intensity.

Loss of Libido

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Anxious feelings can have a negative impact on your sex drive in a number of ways. When anxiety kicks in, and it’s with you for a period of time, one can feel overwhelmed with the thoughts passing through their heads, and that, of course will derail any thoughts of coitus. The testosterone within the male body also depletes when anxious, while adrenaline increases making you even more anxious!

Take a time-out: Practice Yoga, Listen to Music, Get a Massage, or learn relaxation techniques.

Eat Well Balanced Meals: Do NOT skip any meals, you may feel like you want to but trust me when I say it’ll only be detrimental. Be sure to eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Limit Alcohol, and Caffeine: It’s very important to stick away from Alcohol, as well as Caffeine when experiencing anxiety. I’ve been there, you may feel like drinking a nice Vodka and orange to ‘Take the edge’ off, but trust me when I say you’re better off without it.

If you have made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back. You are well on the way to putting a stop to your anxiety once and for all. However, Sonic Reset Therapy® is a tried, and tested proven success with anxiety. Listen to Craig below, someone who has suffered with Anxiety, and how he managed to overcome it! You can also view more of our success stories by clicking on this link

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