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Sonic Reset Therapy® treatment

Target. Begin. Repeat.

Firstly, thank you for joining our active user base. We are overjoyed that you have selected SRT as a method of therapy. Please read the instructions below before your first session. Once you are ready, listen to the sound.

Start your SRT now

You can log into your account on any WiFi-connected device, including smartphones, computers or tablets. Alongside your chosen device, all you need is a pair of earphones to begin your sound healing therapy.

Once logged in, read the short instructions, put on your headphones and start your session. Each session lasts 20 minutes, and we recommend at the start you do two sessions back to back with a short break in between. Once you become familiarised with SRT, you may find that one 20 minute session may be enough for you.

How to use Sonic Reset Therapy®

Target your difficulties

Target your difficulties

Whatever the problematic thoughts, feelings or memories are that you're working on - think of them as a 'target' that you are trying to remove. The brighter and more vivid the target is, the better. You can use any means to activate the target - including memories, emotions, past events, pain, photos, social media etc - the list goes on. The more you can evoke the 'target', the easier it will be to extinguish through Sonic Reset Therapy® .

Sit comfortably with your headphones/earphones on with the volume set at a comfortable level to begin your sound healing therapy.

Begin your first session

Begin your first session

Press 'Play' and you will hear a single tone. Adjust the volume if necessary. Most people prefer to close their eyes at this stage to let the mind wander.

After 45 seconds you will hear the tone change and Sonic Reset Therapy® begins. The sound will start to disrupt and extinguish problem thoughts, feelings or memories. Continue to focus on the 'target' throughout this process.

Sometimes people at this stage say they ‘don't like the sound'. Generally, what this means is they don't like the feelings that are brought up during the process. This means it's working - by evoking the problem, you're lining it up to be erased. Continue the full 20 minutes session.

Take a few minutes break and relax with a couple of deep breaths.

Repeat, after a break

Repeat, after a break

After you have relaxed for a few minutes, repeat another 20-minute SRT session. Revisit the 'target' thoughts, feelings or memories you began with.

You will notice that they begin to lose their vividness and strength. As this happens, helpful ideas, which have been unable to break through will begin to spring into mind, so give these your full attention for the best possible outcome.

This process, where thoughts, feelings or emotions have often been problematic for many years, can literally take just a few sessions of sound healing therapy before they feel irrelevant, reset, and forgotten.