How can Sonic Reset Therapy® help with struggles at home?

September 15, 2020 |
Isabelle Testimonial


‘I unfortunately went through quite a tough time with an ex-partner. He was physically violent, emotionally abusive and as a result I spent a month in a facility doing lots of therapy, but after I left i was still having panic attacks a lot of the time, I couldn’t shower without keeping my eyes open and it was impacting me every single day, so my therapist suggested sonic reset therapy®, which to me sounded a little strange, you know listening to a sound and I didn’t think it would work, but even after the first time of listening to the sound, I found it more difficult to pick-up what I was worrying about, and became more difficult to visualise the events that I had been through.

And that’s the joy of Sonic Reset Therapy, it works so quickly, and it’s so effective and after just two sessions I wasn’t having Panic Attacks anymore and actually I became completely disconnected from the event so as strange as it does sound, I would highly recommend Sonic Reset Therapy because it’s completely changed my life!

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